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About Us

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We've got your back... knees, shoulders, ankles & pelvic floor!

Not knowing where to seek help when something is worrying you can be tiring, and a lonely journey at times.

We know that not being able to say yes to certain events, social activities or competitions due to injury or discomfort can be frustrating and upsetting.

At Baslow Physiotherapy we can ease your concerns and give you reassurance, current evidence based information and advice with a specific plan for recovery and return to function.

We will guide you and help you to reduce pain, improve freedom of movement and reach your goals.

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We know how great it feels to return to sport feeling confident about your recovery with the right back up and support

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Sport, but rugby in particular, has always been important to me. Having picked up a number of injuries and been through the rehabilitation process myself, I have a good insight into the journey my patients take when they come to see me. Strength and conditioning is also important to me, not only in keeping me fit and strong but also giving me a personal understanding of exercise prescription for my clients.

I enjoy spending time with my family, walking the Derbyshire hills with the children alongside kicking, running and throwing many different shaped balls with my girls. Travelling and seeing the world has always been a passion of mine and I was lucky enough to combine this with a tour to Melbourne, Australia in 2017 with the Great Britain Australian Rules Football Team. This was a challenging but unforgettable trip, topped off with the women’s team finishing third in the tournament!

Sports physiotherapy is now closer to home and I work with Sheffield Rugby Club as the lead physiotherapist (and ex-player!); this is for the men’s and women’s first XV sides. Team sport and the camaraderie it brings is a special thing and something that I am proud to be part of.

Guy Titman of Baslow Physiotherapy walking with the family in the Peak District


Becoming a mum has been the most amazing, life changing, insightful yet exhausting (I never realised how much I liked to control when I sleep!) and challenging experience. I have learnt patience and an incredible amount about how the body changes during and after pregnancy. I have two children both delivered via caesarean sections, which were very different experiences and have two quite different scars from each baby.

My personal experiences of pregnancy, birth and the challenges of parenting regularly feed into my clinical work. These experiences have recently excited my interest in scar therapy, pelvic organ prolapse management (including pessaries) and returning to running/exercise after having a baby.

Over the last 15 years I have worked within the NHS and private settings with some awesome clinicians and have learnt a lot along the way. I feel grateful to be able to share my knowledge and skills to best help my patients at Baslow Physiotherapy. I am passionate about education and informed decision making within pelvic health, and helping women and men to take control of their symptoms and feel empowered by the knowledge they have.

In my spare time I love spending lazy days in the garden with Guy and our girls, ‘movie nights’ by a roaring fire, running with our dog Cooper and travelling when we can (with and without the children!). I grew up in the Peak District and after studying in Bristol, some time working in New Zealand and living in London, it’s definitely good to be home.

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What our patients have to say

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I would highly recommend Sarah. Her knowledge of women's health and the postnatal recovery is fantastic. I went from pain every day to pain free in three sessions. Sarah is a great listener and understands the other pressures of life, by giving exercises that fit in throughout the day and don't need lots of equipment.

Amy Cook

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The most amazing physiotherapist. Knowledgeable, professional, kind, thoughtful, and cheery. Cannot recommend too highly.

Peter Gaines

Why are we different?

We have a complimentary skill set to help the people we treat and we refer between ourselves as needed.

We have access to specific equipment such as diagnostic ultrasound scanning and shockwave therapy. In addition to timely appointments to be seen quickly for these services.

We run a small clinic within a relaxed environment and a personalised touch for all our patients to experience.

We have provided guest blogs for colleagues in the area, including for Care for Feet in Bakewell and Buxton.

Guy Titman of Baslow Physiotherapy working with a patient
Sarah Titman of Baslow Physiotherapy examining a patient, physiotherapy for joint pain

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