Service information


Musculoskeletal/sports injury

At some point in our lives we will all experience musculoskeletal pain. This may include:


Lower back pain

Tennis elbow

Plantar fasciitis

Joint sprains

Muscle tears

We believe in a combination of hands on physiotherapy and exercise rehabilitation that focuses on specific individual goals. 

Initial 60 minute appointment = £75

Follow up 30 minute appointments = £40


Women's Health Physio

Problems related to the pelvic floor can result in changes to bladder and bowel control, internal and external pelvic pain and generalised weakness of the deep core. These issues can have huge impact on someones life.

Conditions treated include:

Pregnancy related pain

Post baby recovery and returning to exercise

Gynaecological conditions

Urinary incontinence in women and men

Pelvic organ prolapse 

Pelvic pain

Sarah also provides a specialist service called 'The Mummy MOT' ® which involves a thorough assessment to address any changes after delivery and  provides specific guidance on returning to exercise.  

Initial 60 minute appointment = £75

Follow up 30 minute appointments  = £40


Diagnostic Ultrasound

We have a specialist ultrasound scanner and clinical expertise in providing quick and accurate diagnosis of many conditions including:

Tennis elbow

Rotator cuff injuries

Muscle tears

Ligament injuries

Achilles tendon problems 

This is a non-invasive, safe option for diagnosis. You can self refer to access this service.

Ultrasound scan alone with electronic report 30 minutes = £60 

Or, an additional £25 within a physiotherapy appointment 


Physiotherapeutic Massage

The benefits of massage extend to body and mind and this is reflected in the type of massage provided. This can be deep tissue/sports massage to more generalised relaxation.

30 minutes = £30

45  minutes = £40


Home visits

Have you had surgery recently or are you struggling to move around or travel as you would like? We can come to you for rehabilitation at home.

Please contact us for more information.



Acupuncture has many uses within Chinese medicine. At Baslow physiotherapy we offer acupuncture for pain relief for a variety of conditions; which is often used alongside other treatments.